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The Best Car Transport Companies of 2024

  • Easy Auto Ship: Best Overall
  • SGT Auto Transport: Best Guarantee
  • American Auto Shipping: Best Value
  • Sherpa Auto Transport: Best Pricing
  • Montway Auto Transport: Best Service
  • AmeriFreight: Best Discounts

The car shippers Easy Auto Ship, American Auto Shipping and Montway Auto Transport top Forbes best car shipping companies 2024 list. Easy Auto Ship offers additional insurance coverage up to $100,000, a 30-day price guarantee, and versatile car transport services—including RVs and heavy equipment—across all 50 U.S. states and internationally. Tracking is available for both enclosed and open car transport.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

The cost to ship a car across the country varies from as low as $550 to as high as $2,450. Nationally, the average cost to ship a car costs about $1,150. On a per-mile basis, that breaks down to $0.60 to $1.70 per mile with an average cost of $1.15 per mile. The actual amount will pay varies on the options you choose, mode of transport, discounts and fuel costs.

What Factors Affect Car Shipping Costs?

Several factors impact the cost of transporting a car but distance and shipping options play the biggest roles. Options like choosing an enclosed shipment versus an open shipment can add significant costs to a move. Factors like your location, type of vehicle, options, shipping length and the season you choose to move will affect the cost of shipping a car.


The location of where you’re having your vehicle picked up and dropped off will impact the cost. Moving a vehicle closer to a big city can help reduce the cost because there will be more competition than trying to ship a car from a rural town. Whether you have a car shipped door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal will affect costs, too. Terminal-to-terminal shipping can reduce costs but it means having to drop your vehicle off and pick it up.

Vehicle Size and Specifics

Carriers and brokers base pricing on the type of vehicle they’re transporting. Bigger vehicles that weigh more will have higher prices than smaller cars. The length of a car can impact the price, too, because of the room it will take up on a trailer. Whether the vehicle runs can influence the cost of shipping. An inoperable vehicle can cost more than one that runs.

Shipping Options

When you ship a car you can choose to have it shipped on an open trailer or an enclosed trailer. Shipping a car on an open trailer is cheaper, but leaves the possibility for your vehicle to sustain damage from road debris. Using an enclosed trailer can cost several hundred dollars more than an open trailer but it offers additional protection for your car.

You can choose between door-to-door shipping where a carrier will pick up your vehicle from your home or nearby and deliver it to you. You can opt to have a carrier pick your vehicle up at a shipping terminal or hub and deliver it to another hub. Terminal-to-terminal shipping is cheaper than door-to-door service. Additionally, you may have the option to use rail shipping, which may save costs.

Shipping Duration

Brokers and carriers offer varying timeframes for the delivery of your vehicle. They typically have standard shipping times, priority shipping or expedited shipping. Standard shipping has the lowest cost but it will take the longest time to ship your car. Faster service has increased costs with expedited shipping costing the most.


The moving industry has its busy months and its slower times. People tend to move in spring and summer and that can mean more expensive car shipping. During the slower months, you might find reduced shipping rates as companies try to drum up business. The car shipping industry can experience busier times in the fall with people heading south for warmer weather during winter.

Ways You Can Ship a Car

Shipping a car is most commonly performed using a truck and trailer. However, it’s not the only way to get the job done. In some situations, it might make sense to look into other methods.

Truck or Trailer (Most Common)

What Should You Know About Cross-Country Car Shipping? :  r/AutoShippingExperts

Truck or trailer transportation is the most common method of moving your vehicle over land due to price and simplicity. There are two main methods.

  • Open Car Transport. Choosing open transport for your automobile is the least expensive option. It means your car will travel on a trailer or modified shipping vehicle exposed to the outdoors. Your car will endure weather conditions as they occur during its journey.
  • Enclosed Car Shipping. Enclosed car shipping means your auto will travel on a trailer protected from immediate weather outside the trailer. Enclosed shipping is more expensive than open transport but offers extra protection for your vehicle.

Freight Train

Best Train Auto Transport Services Available Nationwide

Although moving a single vehicle on a freight train is possible, it’s cost-prohibitive if you just move one car. If you’re in charge of moving a vehicle fleet, however, shipping by train becomes a valid option.

Ocean Freight

Car Sea Freight - Vehicle Sea Freight - Worldwide Shipping CARS

Shipping your car overseas or up and down a coastline is a reasonable option for vehicle fleets or single autos and shares pricing similar to trailer hauling.


Shipping Cars by Air | Air cargo, Cargo aircraft, Cargo

It’s possible to ship a car via air freight, but not common due to the high cost. Moving an automobile by airplane is typically reserved for special circumstances, and the price can easily exceed the value of the shipped vehicle.

How to Choose the Best Car Shipping Company for You

Picking the best car shipping company for your move means doing some research to understand the industry and the costs involved. You can begin with a broad search and begin to narrow down your list by looking at individual companies and their reputations. It’s important to look at things like insurance coverage in the event something goes wrong and you have to file a claim. Moving is already a headache and the last thing you want to do is deal with the hassle of an insurance claim and a dispute with a carrier.


You can easily get quotes from car shipping brokers to help you set a budget for your move. Once you’ve got a number in mind, you can narrow your search to find the best car shipping company for you. If you familiarize yourself with the charges you’ll see with shipping a car, you can start to make better decisions for your move to save costs.

Avoid Hidden Costs

Hidden costs are a bugaboo of the car shipping industry with customers often complaining about a higher bill than their quote once their vehicle is dropped off. If possible, seek a binding quote so there are no surprises. You can also ask pointed questions during the quote process so you know what to expect. Be aware that shippers can require a cash payment or certified check at the time of delivery.

Customer Service Ratings

Reviews through Google and the BBB can help give you a picture of a company’s reputation and customer service. Poor reviews can provide insight into how a business handles service issues. You can also learn how long a company has operated and get an idea of how many cars it ships by the number of reviews it has received.

Years of Experience

Shipping your car with a company that has decades of experience can bring peace of mind. A well-established business can also tap into a wide network of carriers to help you find the best deal. Brokers with more experience can have better infrastructure to help with your move than younger companies. More brokers have emerged in the past decade or so as they’ve leveraged data and technology to help find deals. Younger companies can be a bit more nimble.

Quote Guarantees

Guaranteed quotes or price locks can help make you feel more comfortable with a broker. Estimates can vary from the final bill and lead to customer complaints. A company that offers transparent pricing can make shipping your car easier.

Insurance Coverage

Carriers are required to carry a specific amount of insurance to be on the road. Some brokers will offer additional insurance coverage or they’ll have deductible reimbursement should a carrier not cover a claim. Brokers that offer additional insurance coverage can appeal to you more than those that don’t. If you choose to go with a carrier directly to ship a car, they can also offer additional insurance coverage.

Customer Care

Shipping a car is a process and communication is key. Researching car shipping companies can mean looking at how they interact with customers. Features like live chat or a 24/7 customer service line can set businesses apart and provide assurances that your vehicle will arrive on time.

Cost Clarity

Companies that have transparent pricing can appear more trustworthy than those that have opaque pricing. You’ll want to understand all the charges you’ll incur with a move before you choose a company to avoid any surprises.